Another major concern of our customers is if they will lose their current window manufacture warranty if they install window film?

The answer is No and yes, let me explain. Window film voids the manufacturer warranty. Many window film companies will install improper film that will damage the windows, because of this, window manufacturers have no choice but to void the warranty. However Vista Window Films will replace the warranty of the windows whether it is a one year or a lifetime warranty. They do this because they know that the right window tint will be installed on the windows.

So there’s no need to worry about your current window manufacture warranty with Vista Window Films.

To read more about Vista Film’s warranties, please click here.

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Notice the difference in the picture below, the doors has window film installed and the windows don’t. Look at how much less glare there is with the window film. Whether your dealing with glare, heat or fading issues, window tint is the way to go!

This picture is with the window tint completly installed on the house in Evergreen Co.