We have tried very hard to answer the most common window tint questions. Unfortunately, if we were to answer all the window tint questions we’ve been asked over the years it would require you to scroll through pages and pages of questions. So, as we have said, we only answer the window tint Frequently Asked Questions here. If you have another window tint question that we haven’t addressed here, please feel free to email us at or call us at 303-278-3456.

1. Will window film crack my windows and burst my seals?

Approximately 1 out of every 5,000 windows will ever experience a warranty issue with Precision Film and Solar Shades. With the installation of the proper window film, the window tint will not sacrifice the integrity of the window. We take into account the shading, panes of glass, altitude and so forth, in order to know what window tint would work best. Our trained sales people know what film to use on certain windows as to avoid any issues.

2. Would it be of benefit to install window film on Low-E glass?

Low-E windows only block a small percentage of UV and virtually no heat and glare reduction. Low-E windows in Colorado will retain heat and not reject it by design. In the summer the windows will intensify the heat in the house. Installing window film on Low-E glass is an incredible addition to the window and the properties they already contain. The combination of the two will not only provide over 99.9% UV blockage but an incredible savings in energy cost.

3. Do windows lose their warranty when window film is applied?

Yes and no, let us explain. Window film voids the manufacturer warranty. Many window film companies will install improper film that will damage the windows. Because of that, window manufacturers have no choice but to void the warranty. However, Vista Window Films will replace the warranty of the windows whether it is a one year or lifetime warranty. Because the right window film is always used for each situation there’s no issue with replacing the warranty.

4. Will window tinting darken my house?

Only if that’s your objective. Vista carries a variety of window films depending on your specific needs. We can install a clear film to a dark film that will cut out 70% of light. If UV protection is the only concern, ALL of the window films we carry have a 99.9% UV blockage. If heat and glare is an issue we have window tint for that too. No matter the concern, in most cases we can solve the issue.

5. Will window tint kill my plants?

The short answer is no. Window tint will have no affect on your plants.

6. Can I install window film on plastic windows or plexiglass?

No. You would need to install a special type of film for plastic windows or plexiglass. You can read more about this on our blog page.

Thank you for visiting our FAQ page. If you have any other questions that has not answered here, please contact us by filling out our contact form or call us at 303-278-3456.

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