The Nationally syndicated radio Home Improvement show “Home Talk” with Michael King had Darrell Smith with the International Window Film Association as their guest speaker. Darrell Smith gave a really good interview on many different aspects of window film. You can hear the interview in whole at “Home Talk USA with Michael King – Interview with Darrell Smith”.

As a quick synopsis, Darrell talked about what window tint is made of and the many different layers of window tint. He also mentioned how window tint is a permanent enhancement to your windows and home, the many benefits of window tint, for example, rejecting heat, UV protection to your skin while inside, fading of hardwood floors and furnishings, to name just a few. Darrell also talks about what to look for in a window tint warranty and how long the window tint should last. And finally he answers the question, “Does it pay to get window tint if you already have high performance windows”?

I encourage you to listen to the interview in whole, it is extremely informative and answers a lot of questions that you might have as to window tinting.

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