Professionally installed home window film.During the 2017 hurricane season, there were at least 18 major hurricanes. With our weather patterns and climate changing, it seems like there are more and more devastating hurricanes each year. These storms come with high winds that can cause much damage to your home, cars and office. Did you know that having window film installed on your windows offers a host of safety benefits, including but not limited to protection from shattered windows and flying glass shards?

Window film is a thin sheet of coating professionally installed directly onto the window. Window film has several benefits, such as, UV protection, glare reduction, better climate control by blocking the heat in the summer and containing the heat in the winter. Window film also has great safety and security benefits that include protection from shattered glass caused by flying debris. Safety and security films add a thin membrane to the window that holds the shards in place in case of shattered glass.

The performance of window film has been proven, and has gone through rigorous third party testing to certify its products. Window films adhere to many safety guidelines and proven performance standards.

One of the great benefits to window film is that it doesn’t change the appearance of your windows, unless you would like it to. The film comes in many different shades from totally clear, to medium or dark shades. In addition to the other great benefits is that window film requires no upkeep.

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