Window Film Helping With PTSD

Window film and PTSD and TBIWhat is PTSD and how does window film help with PTSD? PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) is a mental health condition that people can develop after experiencing or perhaps just witnessing a life-threatening event. This event can include but is not limited to a car accident, natural disaster, combat or sexual assault.

Symptoms of PTSD

There are four basic types of symptoms. Please keep in mind that everyone is different. People experience symptoms in their own way.

  1. Reliving the event. Sometimes referred to as flashbacks. This is where you feel like your experiencing the event all over again. You might even have nightmares of the event.
  2. Avoiding situations that remind you of the event. This can include situations or people that might trigger memories of the event.
  3. Having more negative beliefs and feelings. You might find that the way you think about yourself or others has changed because of the trauma. You also might lose interest in activities you once enjoyed. You might find yourself feeling numb, or find it hard to feel happy.
  4. Feeling keyed up. You feel jittery, alert, on the lookout all the time. You can have a hard time concentrating or sleeping.

For a more comprehensive list, please visit the PTSD official website.

Window Film Can Help People With PTSD

There are different treatments out there for PTSD. Let me make it very clear that window film does not treat PTSD but rather it helps with some of the symptoms. That being said, how does window film help with PTSD?

One of the symptoms is hypersensitivity to light accompanied by severe anxiety. Solar control window film helps relieve the discomfort that’s caused by intense sunlight and glare. The best thing to do is match the right window film with each person’s needs.

Each window film offers differing percentages of light and/or glare blockage. So depending on the severity of light sensitivity, the person with PTSD would need either a lighter or darker film.

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