Will Window Tint Crack My Windows?

A window that is cracked from one side to the other side.Would you like to get window tint installed on your house or office but thought, “It’s going to crack my windows”. A lot of people think this. Did you know that installing window film on your windows will only increase the risk of breakage by about 0.01 percent? And that’s only if there are existing flaws in the glazing system.

Window tint can cause the glass to expand a fraction more than normal, so putting pressure on a glazing system that has flaws around the edges can bring to the fore those flaws. This is why it’s so important to have a highly qualified professional install the window tint, there are certain specifications that you need to go by so it reduces the risk of bringing out these flaws. Actually, there is a higher risk of having glass breakage from wind, humans, snow or even blinds, than from window tint.

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