Stop Your Furniture, Artwork and Floors From Fading

home window tint denver coHave you ever noticed your furniture starting to fade? Maybe you have been cleaning your hardwood floors and you pull back your area rug and noticed your hardwood floors are totally fading out from sunlight. Chances are so is your decor, artwork and drapes. If you per chance have hardwood window frames, those are fading out as well. So what can you do about this?

Window Film Decreases Fading

Having window film installed can help cut down on fading. Vista window film offers 99.9% UV rejection. Best of all these UV inhibitors are place no only in the adhesive but also in the layers of film, which means they won’t start breaking down in a couple of years, rendering them virtually useless. You can choose from window film that is completely invisible, with no tint what-so-ever or window film that has a tint to it. If you are also looking to cut down on glare, reduce heat and help save on energy consumption, then going with a window film that has a slight tint to it would be your best option. Don’t worry, Vista’s home window tint isn’t that horrible looking mirrored stuff we use to see. Notice the picture above, you can’t even tell a home window tint is applied, can you?

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