What Is a Thermal Pane or Insulated Glass Window?

The term insulated glass, also known as (IG) refers to how the glass is fabricated into an insulated glass unit.

An insulated glass or thermal pane window consists of two or three (depending if it’s double or triple pane) sheets of glass that is separated by a gas filled space. The sheets of glass are separated by edge seals or spacers that create this airspace.

The advantage of thermal pane or insulated glass windows is that this airspace reduces heat transfer by conduction through the glass. This greatly increases the insulation performance of the IG unit.

The question comes up though, if I have thermal pane or insulated glass windows would it still be a benefit to have window tint installed? The short answer is yes! The long answer is, yes because, depending on where you live the gas between the two or three panes of windows can dissipate over time. However, with window film you won’t have that problem, you will have the benefits of it as long as it’s on your windows.

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