In our last posting we discussed the Clear Distortion Free adhesive mounting system that Vista uses and why it’s the best on the market. Today we’ll talk about the superior scratch-resistant coating Vista window films uses.

The proprietary scratch-resistant coating that Solutia, the parent company of Vista, developed back in 1984 is still considered a superior in the window film industry.

The hard surface coating is formed using acrylics and an ultraviolet curing system. This provides a long lasting durable surface that stands up to abrasions and cleaning.

Testing the Scratch-Resistant Coating

Typically scratch-resistant coatings are commonly tested in two ways. The first way is with steel wool (0000 grade), this is a quick way to test how scratch-resistant it is. Solutia’s scratch-resistant coating can be vigorously wiped with steel wool without leaving any visible scratches.

The second test, ASTM D 1044 utilizes a Tabor Abrader. To read more about what this test looks for you can go to The industry standard uses a fairly soft CS 10F wheel, 500 gm weights on the wheel, and 100 cycles. This test does not impact Solutia’s coating enough to give us the measurement definition we desire. Solutia has found it necessary to use a much harder CS TS wheel with 1000 gm weights for 100 cycles in our process control to measure any slight variation. Even with this more stringent test there is little change in Solutia’s product.

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