solar eclipse

After months of anticipation it’s finally here! The solar eclipse will happen today. Depending on where you are it may have already started. The totality path will run from Oregon to South Carolina, and a partial eclipse for those outside the path.

It’s going to be a spectacular sight! So what do we need to know about the solar eclipse?

What You Need To Know About The Solar Eclipse


First thing you want to know is when will the eclipse start where you’re at. To find out you can go to

If you miss the live eclipse, you can view it online at NASA’s website. They will have a livestream and another one that is taken from Carbondale, Illinois.

Be sure to watch the solar eclipse safely. Never look directly at the sun during an eclipse. You will need to wear solar eclipse viewers. Don’t think your sunglasses will do the trick, they won’t. If you don’t wear the proper viewers you can become blind.

Interesting Fact About the Eclipse


Why does it move from West to East? The moon actually orbits our earth from West to East, so during the solar eclipse the moon’s shadow follows the moon’s path.

So for all you solar eclipse viewers out there, enjoy this beautiful event and please view safely.