If it’s good enough for Theodore Roosevelt, it’s good enough for you

Image result for theodore roosevelt homeThe windows on the home of President Theodore Roosevelt needed to be retrofitted so that the interior furnishings would be protected from sun damage. This would be tricky because it’s a historic site. That being the case, the product would need to offer protection from the sun but at the same time not alter the look of the building.

So what product did the National Park Service feel would be the best fit for this historic site? NoneVista window tint other than Vista’s Soft Horizon window film. The National Park Service knew this product would not only solve the sun’s damaging effects of UV rays coming in through the windows but that it’s also almost impossible to see once installed on the windows. Offering the perfect solution to their problem.

If you live in the Denver area and are suffering from intense heat coming in through your windows, give us a call today at 303-278-3456. In addition to reducing the heat, window tint also helps cut down on glare and blocks the damaging effects of UV Rays, it will also help in reducing your energy bills.