This picture shows two windows, one has window tint installed and the other doesn't. Home window tinting.

The New Age Window Film

You have probably heard of all the great benefits of window film. Lowers your energy bills, cuts down on glare and fading, helps eliminate hot spots, etc, etc. Sounds great right? The only problem is you have this vision in your head of dark window film that’s applied to your windows that yes will do all these great things but, it also cuts down most of the light coming in through your windows.

Well here is where I tell you to step out of the old-age window film thinking and step into the new-age window film. Take a look a the picture on the left, does the window that has window film installed look dark and depressing to you? Quite the opposite right? In fact it makes it look very pleasant and easy on your eyes, eliminating so much of the glare.

Window film has come a long way. Gone are the days of the dark purple window film. However, if you are still one of the long lasting skeptics out there, here is an article you probably want to read. I think it will change your mind.

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