The Gift that Keeps Giving Back

Give yourself and your family the gift that just keeps giving back. What gift is that? It’s the gift of having window film professionally installed on your home windows. Window film is a gift that gives back no matter the time of year. Professionally installed window film has many reasons why it keeps giving back, let’s look at these one at a time.

  1. Protects your skin from UV rays. Vista window film blocks 99.9 percent of all UV rays passing through your home windows. Because it blocks so much UV rays it can reduce your risk of getting skin cancer.
  2. Reduces eye damage. If your windows are untreated, they usually only cut out about 25 percent of UV rays. Just like UV can damage your skin, it can also damage your eyes.
  3. Lowers sun glare. Vista window film helps in reducing extra sunlight from entering your home, thus dramatically cutting down on glare.
  4. Protects your furniture, artwork, hardwood floors. Vista window film reduces fading caused by UV rays. Cut down on the UV rays coming in through your windows and it stands to reason you’ll cut down on fading as well.
  5. Offers safety and security. Accidents happen, when those accidents involve a window shattering it can cause shards of glass to go all over your house. Professionally installed window film helps to hold the glass in place in the event the window is broken.
  6. Cuts down on heating and cooling costs. About 1/3 of a homes heating and cooling costs are are lost through inefficient windows. Window film can cut out about up to 55 percent of solar heat. This equates to you saving energy and being more comfortable. More and more window films are also able to keep the heat from escaping through your windows in the winter. Making window film a great option year around.
  7. Improves window performance. Older windows don’t offer as much energy efficiency as newer windows. Window film can help improve the performance of older windows. In many cases window film can alleviate the need for full window replacement.
  8. Works with various types of windows. Window size, shape, and location are non factors when it comes to professionally installed window film.
  9. Offers an extra level of customization and privacy. Window film comes in many different shades and colors. By choosing the right window film for your needs you can enhance the look of your home, add privacy and still keep your view.

For even more reasons why window film is a great gift to give yourself, check out the International Window Film Association website.

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