The fading effect? No I’m not talking about the special affect you can add to pictures. I’m talking about the effect that ultra violet rays has on your hardwood floors, artwork, furniture, etc. We’ve all seen it, you pull back an area rug on your hardwood floors and there it is staring at you right in the face. What is it? That beautiful color your hardwood floors…use to be.

With untreated windows, UV rays can cause major damage in your home. Not only does it cause your hardwood floors to fade but it also damages your furniture and artwork. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Have you ever heard of window tint or window film for your house or office? Window tint is a very thin piece of film that you put on your windows to block the damaging effects of UV rays. Vista Window Films is one of the leading commercial and house window tints on the market. Not only does Vista Window Films block 99.9% of UV rays, it also helps to block the heat out in the summer and retains heat in the winter. To read many more benefits house window tint offers, please take a look at our home window tinting page.

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