Safety film for school windows in Denver Colorado

We live in a world that’s full of uncertainty. Let’s face it, we never know when a gunmen is going to enter a school or office building and start shooting. Another cause for concern are store fronts or gas stations that have large windows, making it very easy for thieves to break in. Unfortunately we are hearing about these incidents all too often on the news.

One of the great ways for schools, office buildings, store fronts, gas stations, etc. to protect themselves is by applying a safety and security window film to their windows. To learn more about the great benefits of window film and to see a video of security film in action, please visit our safety and security window film page.

However, in addition to the security issue, many business owners and principles are concerned about the heat coming in through the windows. Solar window film is an excellent product to help reduce heat, which in turn lowers your energy bills. Because these are two really big concerns, we are proud to present our Llumar Solar Safety Series Dual-Reflective Films.

This new line of films combine the protection of safety and the benefits of heat rejection. Making it a win win for our customers that are concerned about offering their kids, employees and business owners the safety they need but also help reduce energy costs as well.

To learn more about this film or schedule a free estimate or energy audit, please give us a call today! 303-278-3456