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A Shy Zip patio shade has all the benefits of a regular patio shade except the Shy Zip is made specifically for high wind areas. They were originally created for the bullet trains in Japan, so these shades know how to withstand strong wind. And unfortunately, we can have some pretty strong winds around the Denver area.

The Shy Zip patio shade system takes the fabric and zips it into a track to hold it in place. There’s also a cushion bumper that allows the shade to flex in the wind.

We have about a 14 day turn-around on all of our rolling shades! Not a 4-6 week turn-around like most other companies.

A patio in Denver showing a Shy Zip patio shade installed.

Benefits of Shy Zip Patio Shades

Exterior view of a shy zip patio shade installed in Denver.
  • Lower the heat, making your patio more comfortable and easier to use all day long
  • Reduce Glare
  • Add Privacy
  • Protect you and your family from skin damaging UV Rays
  • Acts as a gold ball shield
  • Able to withstand high wind areas
  • Motorized or Manually operated (See the Control your shades with Tahoma below)

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Imagine lessening the sun’s heat, without loosing your view. The unique patio shade fabric we carry allows natural light to enter your patio, while still blocking the sun’s heat.

We can do custom patio shades up to 19 feet wide!

If you don’t live in a high wind area, take a look at our Patio Shades page.

How the Shy Zip Patio Shade System Works

Patio showing a shy zip patio shade in Denver
  1. Aluminum guide rails support to operate the shade.
  2. The cushion gum will prevent jouncing.
  3. An inner rail combined with a Slide-Fastener and support makes for a smooth operation.
  4. The fastener is the key player behind the scene. Thanks to it, we realize light cut-off, noise cut-off and easy operation.
Patio showing a shy zip patio shade in Denver exterior view

Control Your Shades with TaHoma by Somfy

The Somfy TaHoma gateway and smart phone app provides convenient and customized control of Somfy powered motorized shades, blinds, and other motorized solutions. Save energy, create the perfect mood, enhance privacy and security with smart shades powered by Somfy.

  • Easy, convenient and powerful app.
  • On screen guided setup which is very easy to follow.
  • Control each shade in a room or in the entire house and patio at once.
  • It also offers one-touch scenes.
  • Scheduled events – set your window or patio shades to open or close every day at a specific time or based on recurring events like sunrise and sunset.

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  • That’s “my” favorite position – quickly save and recall your favorite position for each shade.
  • Anytime, anywhere access – control your roller shades even when you’re not home.
  • Voice Control – TaHoma is certified to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • No installation needed – just connect to your home network over Wi-Fi or use the included Ethernet adaptor.

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