Why You Should Install Safety Film On Your Home Windows

A window with shattered glass.Did you know every year hundreds of thousands of people are injured or even killed due to lethal shards of falling or flying glass? There are literally an unlimited amount of events that can cause glass breakage unexpectedly, thus causing such injuries.

Typically these glass breakage events are not foreseeable, for example, a child playing and accidentally falling into a patio doors, thus causing it to shatter. A lawnmower kicking up a rock and hitting a window or patio door. (This actually happened to me.) Or perhaps you live near a golf course and are concerned about a golf ball hitting your windows. (Four!) Safety film can also help keep out burglars. Or a million other scenarios.

All of these examples give us good reason to think about installing safety window film on our home windows. Safety film can literally prevent the glass from breaking or at least keep the window in tact so shards of glass don’t go flying through your home or act like a dagger when fallen into.

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