Reduce glare with home window tinting Denver.So many homes today are designed with lot’s of expansive windows, thus allowing lots of sunshine in. If you’re anything like me, I LOVE sunshine! However, there is a downside to all that light coming into your home. Along with that sunshine comes UV Rays, glare and lots of heat. The UV Rays can cause fading to your furniture, artwork, window coverings, hardwood floors, etc. It can also cause skin cancer and cataracts. The heat you will have coming into your house will cause heat build-up and most likely create hot spots in your house. So what can you do about all these issues? There is actually one product that will help eliminate all of these issues. What is it?

Home Window Film

Yep that’s right. Home window film will help to reduce the solar heat coming into your home, thus greatly helping with heat build-up and hot spots. Vista by Llumar window film will block 99.9% of all UV Rays coming into your home, helping you block the skin cancer and cataracts that come with it. And don’t forget, when you block the UV Rays your helping to keep all your furnishings from fading as well. Adding home window film is more affordable than you might think. In the Denver area the average cost for home window film is between $7-$10 per sq. ft., installed. If you live in the Denver area and would like a free in-home estimate, give us a call today at 303-278-3456. To read more about why Vista by Llumar is one of the very best films on the market, check out our home window film page. You can also check out the International Window Film Association website. Vista window tint