Safety film for school windows in Denver ColoradoWe’ve all seen it way too many times. You turn on the news only to find there has been another school shooting. How many dead this time? How many were wounded? Who was the shooter? Why did they so such a horrible thing? The questions go on and on. Unfortunately we’re all to familiar with this scenario.

In amongst of the questions is one that keeps coming up. What can we do about this problem? We would love to come up with a solution that could eliminate another school shooting from every happening, but that’s highly unlikely. One of the things we need to focus on is what can we do to help protect our schools and in turn protect our kids.  Today we’ll focus on safety film for the windows.

Why Safety and Security Film for School Windows?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Every second counts”? That is definitely the case when it comes to allowing a potential shooter into a school. Applying safety and security film to a school’s windows will add a critical layer of protection. How does it do this? Safety and security films will help in delaying the potential shooter by holding shattered glass in place.

Safety FilmSo this means if the shooter were to fire a bullet or try to break through the glass window, it would take him significantly longer to get through that window. Again, every second counts. These added seconds can allow that staff or students to run for safety, alert other people to the situation and call 911 for help. Lives could be saved, all because of a thin layer of security film.

Safety and security film adds such a critical layer of protection to a building that many government buildings across the nation have it applied to their windows. Isn’t our kids important enough to add this layer of protection for them?

Here at Precision Film and Solar Shades we are committed to help protect our kids while at school. If you have a business or you’re a school principal in or around the Denver area and would like us to give you a free consultation about adding this layer of protection to your school, give us a call today! 303-278-3456