At an elevation of more than 8,000 feet sits a majestic mansion. Over-sized glass windows, dramatize the relationship between the house and its spectacular mountain surroundings.

At such a high altitude, the sun’s glare, in tandem with destructive ultraviolet light, became an environmental impediment to the point that the interior living areas are decidedly uncomfortable.

So the interior designer elected to install VISTA Window Tint’s Ambiance VE 35, a Low E Solar Control Film to tame the UV ravages and combat glare. The hi-tech window tint prevents 99.9% of all UV light from passing through the glass windows and reduces glare by 64%, thus providing visually comfortable surroundings and a high degree of fade protection. The film will also reduce energy bills by enabling the windows to reflect interior heat back into the house rather than absorbing it in the glass.

In commenting on the film’s installation, the designer said, “Glare free views can be enjoyed throughout the year and the fading of the furnishings, precious aret and expansive wood floors are no longer an issue. What’s more, the owners are quite oblivious to the presence of the film. They simply don’t know it’s there!”

This is just one of many of our case histories with window tint. Read more about window tint.

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