Benefits Of Using Pure Water Technology To Get Your Windows Cleaned

In this blog we will discuss what Pure Water Technology is and why it’s beneficial to get your windows cleaned using this system.

What is Pure Water Technology?

This is a pure water system that is used to clean windows in Denver ColoradoThis method of window cleaning uses a 5 stage water treatment machine and a water fed pole that delivers 100% pure water to your windows. This is accomplished, like I mentioned, through a 5 stage reverse osmosis unit and a mixed bed de-mineralising resin. The goal of the de-mineralising and the reverse osmosis is to return the water to its natural impure state by absorbing all dirt, chemicals and minerals, thus making the it laboratory grade water.

Why Should You Use Pure Water Technology To Clean Your Windows?

This is a water fed pole system in the pure water technology used in Denver ColoradoIn using the Pure Water Technology to clean windows, the final rinse water drys so that there are no water spots left on the window. The Pure Water Technology doesn’t just get your windows clean, it actually leaves your windows sterile. And because no chemicals or detergents are used, it is more environmentally friendly. The old fashioned type of window cleaning, with a window washer and squeegee, leaves behind sticky soap residue which actually attracts dirt and pollution to your windows. The Pure Water Technology System actually makes your windows cleaner and they stay cleaner longer!

In addition to your windows getting cleaner and staying cleaner longer, your plants, grass and animals benefit too! Because there are no detergents being used, there’s no harmful chemicals seeping into the ground or on the grass around your house.

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