Is Professional Installation Better?

Professionally installed home window film.We all love to save money. Sometimes that means making a project a DIY. However, sometimes saving money means having a professional do it for you. Now that might sound like an oxymoron, but in the long run, sometimes spending the money to have a professional do a job actually saves you money. That can certainly be the case with home window film and commercial window film.

Professionally installed films not only look better longer (or right from the start) but they are usually more likely to perform to the specifications of the warranty. What I mean by that is, there are many things to take into consideration when installing a window film. For example, what altitude do you live at? Is the window being partly shaded or mostly shaded by a tree or something else? Believe it or not but that matters. These and so many other things need to be considered when installing window film. A professional has knowledge of all of this and can recommend a film that fits your circumstances and needs.

Something else to think about is the warranty. There is always a chance something could go wrong with the film or the window, either during the install process or in the weeks to months after the film has been installed. Most professional installers will cover the cost of the replacement film, the removal of old film and the replacement of the window with a small deductible. If you install it yourself, most of that will not be covered.

I remember a case where one of our installers had installed the film on a window and was pushing the water out from behind the film and the window totally shattered. Obviously there was a defect in the window. If the homeowner had been installing that himself he would have had to replace the window himself and eat the cost. However, because he had us installing it we totally replaced the window at no cost to him. That can be a significant savings!

So yes we all want to save money, but sometimes spending money will save you money in the long run.

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