Today I thought we would talk a little about patio shades. Patio shades are really becoming the next big thing because people are starting to see the many benefits they offer. Here are four commonly asked questions:

  1. A picture showing two patio shades blocking out the intense heat from the sun. They will also block glare and add privacy.Question: Will patio shades really keep my patio cooler? The answer is absolutely! The unique solar screen fabric we carry allows natural light to enter your patio while still blocking the sun’s heat.
  2. Question: Can a patio shade add more privacy from my neighbors? The answer is yes! Patio shades not only block the heat but they can also add privacy to your patio. Patio shade fabrics come in different types of openness, the lower the openness the more dense the fabric which means greater privacy. The higher the openness the less dense the fabric is which means it will have less privacy. So you can pick the openness that’s right for you.
  3. Question: Can I see through the patio shade? Yes and no. Let me explain. I talked about the openness in question 2, so the more open the fabric the more you will be able to see through it. However, the opposite is also true, the less openness means it will be harder to see through.
  4. Question: Will a patio shade help cut down on glare? Yes! We liken looking through patio shades like looking through sunglasses. They cut the glare down so much it makes it very pleasant on your eyes.

You can order your patio shade either with a crank operated system or a motor, whichever you prefer.

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