If you live in Parker or Castle Rock or around that area, then you are all too familiar with high winds. No doubt you have a nice patio that you would enjoy using more but because of the sun and high wind you might be limited to how much you can use it.

Let me introduce you to the Shy Zip Patio Shades system. Most patio shades just roll down in a side channel, which is great for most scenarios. But when you’re dealing with high winds that doesn’t work. The Shy Zip shade actually zips into place along the sides so it will stay in place, even with high winds.

With the Shy Zip you can use your patio more, while blocking out the sun and maintaining your view!

To read more about Shy Zip Patio Shades please see our Shy Zip page.

Patio shades for high wind areas, such as, Parker and Castle Rock.