National Window Film Day 2018

When you think of April what comes to mind? April fools, spring, flowers, maybe all of the above right? For us in the window film industry, we think of the International Window Film Association’s (IWFA) National Window Film Day.

That’s right, every year in April the IWFA has one day set aside for window film awareness. This year it’s on April 30th. Why does the IWFA do this? It’s one way they try to create awareness to the many uses and benefits of window film. They do this to as an honor to those who have helped build the window film industry. Auto tint has been around for years and pretty much everyone is familiar with it. However, people aren’t as familiar with residential window tint.

So what are the many benefits of home window film? Home and commercial window tint is a cost-effective way to save energy, protect skin and home decor from the damaging affects of UV rays and it adds a level of security to your windows.

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