We are officially into the fall season. The leaves are changing into their bright reds, yellows and my personal favorite, yellow tipped with rust. As much as we enjoy looking at the fall leaves and their changing colors it also means the earth’s axis is tilting further from the sun. Along with that tilt means the sun will be sitting lower on the horizon for the next few months.

Why do I bring this up? Well, with the sun sitting lower on the horizon, it means it will be shining in through east, west and south facing windows more. It is even in your eyes more when you’re driving. In addition to being annoying, this lower sun can pose some threats.

Problems the Winter Sun Can Cause

A couple looking out a window that has window tint installed. Home window tint is easier on the eyes, even with the winter sun.

Some of the threats the winter sun might cause are quite often not thought about. For example, it’s harmful UV rays can cause skin cancer, because it’s lower on the horizon and in our eyes more, it can cause damage to our eyes. Another problem it might cause is fading. Fading is always a problem, especially in higher altitudes like Denver is. But if you have south facing windows you might not think of this problem as much in the summer because the sun doesn’t shine in your windows as much. If you have hardwood floors, fine art or furnishings, fading is definitely a problem you want to about. In addition, the glare from the low sun can be very intense. These UV rays can penetrate unprotected glass. So if you’re near a window where the sun is shining through, even in winter, you’re exposing yourself to these dangers. What can you do?

Home Window Tint is the Answer

So we’ve talked about the possible issues the lower sun can cause in the winter, so what’s the solution? Vista Window films, or window tints, will block 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering. Blocking these UV rays drastically helps in lowering your risk of skin cancer and it also helps to minimize your hardwood floors, artwork and furnishings from fading. In addition to blocking the UV rays it can also help reduce glare. Home window tint is also great for retaining heat in the winter, blocking out heat in the summer and lowering your energy bills year around.

Here at Precision Film we install residential window tint and commercial window tint. In addition to installing window tint we also install patio shades, interior and exterior shades and we do commercial and residential window washing.

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