Can you install window film on the exterior of a window?

Showing a box of Vista Home Window TintingThis is a good question because there are certain situations where it might be better or easier to have the window tint installed on the outside of the window instead of the inside. Yes! This can absolutely be done! Vista by Llumar makes a couple different window films specifically for exterior application.

A good thing to note when your considering an exterior application is the life span of the film. Because it takes so much more wear and tear, and it’s subject to extreme weather conditions, exterior window films won’t typically last as long as interior ones do. Because of this the warranty is usually more limited and for a shorter time period than the interior films.

If you have an option between interior or exterior application, we recommend going with the interior application. Not only will the warranty be better and longer but the installation itself will be cleaner because the air will be cleaner inside versus outside.

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