How Window Film is Manufactured

Showing a box of Vista Home Window TintingDo you ever watch the show “How It’s Made”? I love that show! Today we are going to do a “How It’s Made” blog on window film. The process is very interesting.

It’s actually a very sophisticated manufacturing process using the best raw materials combined with  high tech machinery. To begin with a number of transparent layers of the finest polyester are laminated together. These layers are then coated with three things: 1) special adhesives 2) ultraviolet inhibitors and 3) a special, protective, scratch-resistant coating. All of this while being very carefully monitored.

Finally a concentration of metal particles are sputter coated onto laminated sheets of polyester. This process is what allows for the varying degrees of color and solar energy rejection.

You can check out the different types of window film at the Performance Films website.

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