What Are The Steps You Need In Order To Install Window Tint?

Today we want to talk a little bit about how window film is installed and about how long it will take to install it.

A man showing how to install window tint.How To Install Window Tint

There are several steps involved when you are installing window tint. The very first thing to do is cover the floor around the area that the window tint will be installed, this is especially important if there are hardwood floors. The next step in installing window tint is to make sure the window is very clean. The best way to do this is wet the window, take a paper towel and run it across the top and down both sides of the window, then take a squeegee and clean the window. If the window is pretty dirty to start with the window may need to be cleaned twice. The next step is to cut the window tint, peel the liner and spray the window with a special formula, which consists of X-100. This formula helps it to bond to the window. Once sprayed, apply the window tint to the window and cut to the proper size. The next step is to take a special tool and push all the water out from behind the window tint. Clean it once again with a squeegee and you’re done!

This is a very sensitive process and it’s highly recommended that you don’t install window tint yourself. Please allow a professional to do it because then it is covered by warranty if anything should happen to your window.

How Long Does It Take To Install Window Tint

As far as how long it takes to install window tint, that totally depends on the amount of windows you have. Typically a professional installer can apply window tint to all the windows in a typical size home in about 6-8 hours.

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