What is Glare?

This picture shows two windows, one has window tint installed and the other doesn't. Home window tinting.Before we talk about how to control glare let’s first talk about what glare is. In short, glare is light pollution, but let’s go a little deeper than that. Glare is caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness, and can range from totally disabling or a little uncomfortable. If your eyes are sensitive to light then glare can really cause you problems.

Glare can effect you in many ways. For example, it might affect your vision when driving at night, too much glare from the sun can have bad affects on your eyes. Glare can also affect you while you’re inside your house, it might make it difficult to look out your windows at certain times of the day or it might cause you to not be able to see your computer or tv screen.

How To Control Glare?

There are many things you can do to control glare. Today we will be discussing how to control the glare in your home. You could cut down on glare by keeping your blinds closed, but if you’re anything like me that just makes you depressed. A much better solution to controlling glare is getting either window tint or solar shades installed on your windows.

Window tint is a very thin piece of film that is applied to the glass and is permanent. It will definitely help in cutting down glare, along with many other benefits.

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