Getting Utility Companies to Help Customers See the Benefits Of Window Film

Our products make your home more comfortable and reduces energy costs.

Utility companies are in the business of supplying power to their customers. Unfortunately at times the demand exceeds the capacity of the utility companies energy. Because of this, the International Window Film Association (IWFA) is encouraging utility companies to help their customers see the benefits of window film.

Did you know that up to 1/3 of heating and cooling costs are lost through inefficient windows? With window film installed, you can have a year-round savings of about 5-10% of a home or buildings energy bill. Window film can block about 60% of all energy leaving through glass in the winter. In the summer window film can cut down your cooling costs by about 30%.

As you can see, having window film professionally installed on your home or office windows is a great way to save energy and money. Windows with window film will allow in about 25% of solar energy from the sun. A typical window with no tint installed allows in about 90% of all solar energy. When it comes to commercial buildings, window film can offer seven times the energy saving benefits per dollar spent compared to having replacement windows installed.

In addition to the continued savings of window film, there may also be Federal, state or local incentive programs. You can view some available tax incentives here.

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Portions of this article was taken from the IWFA website.