How Does Window Tint Work Once It’s Installed?

Sunset - Window Tinting Denver ColoradoMost home window tints and commercial window tints are applied to the inside of the glass. There are a few exceptions, such as graffiti film and sometimes security film, but pretty typically interior installation is the norm.

When the sunlight hits the glass where the window tint has been installed, four things happen:

  1. Part of the solar energy that is hitting the glass’ surface, will be reflected.
  2. Some of that energy will be absorbed.
  3. Part of the energy will be transmitted through the window and window film into the room.
  4. A portion of it will be absorbed by the window tint itself.

Does Window Tint Work Have Any Value In The Winter?

Yes! Window tint will help reflect the heat back into your home or office. Because you’re reducing your heat loss, you will stay warmer and save money on your energy bill.

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