The Process For Installing Home Window Tint

A man showing how to install window tint.The process for installing window tint will vary slightly from installer to installer. The process can also vary depending on the type of window tint you’re installing. For example, if your having decorative window film installed, the installation process will be different than if you’re having solar window tint installed. That being said, let’s review how solar window tint is installed.

The first step we do is to clear the area so we have access to the window that the solar window tint is being installed on. If there are window treatments that need to be removed then that is done as well.

Step two is to make sure the carpet, hardwood floors, etc. is protected, so we lay down drop clothes.

Step three, we turn our attention to the window itself. The window always needs to be properly cleaned before the window tint is applied. We do this by spraying the window with a mild cleaning detergent and remove any particles like paint, varnish, etc. from the glass. We also spray the sides of the window and along the bottom with a high powered spray bottle. This will remove any particles from the edges. After we have properly cleared the unwanted particles, we spray the window again and squeegee it so it’s dry.

Step four is focusing on the actual install of the window tint itself. To do this we spray the window a special chemical that bonds the window tint to the glass and then we peel off the liner on the window tint. Once the window tint is on the window, we cut it to fit and then we squeegee out as much water as possible with a special squeegee.

Finally, we clean the window one more time to get any smudges off and clean up around the window. This includes picking up our drop clothes, any garbage we created and of course replacing any window treatments, furniture, etc.

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