History of Window Tinting

Millions of people every year get their car and or homes tinted. But have you ever wondered how or when window tinting got started?

Window tinting can be dated back to the 1960’s. It was then that the first window films were being installed on tempered automotive glass windows. When the first window films were designed they were making them as transparent as possible, but it didn’t take long for people to want tinted films.

Window tinting on a limoSo if tinted films is what people wanted, tinted films is what they got. In a relatively short period of time, towards the end of the 1970’s, limousines all over the United States had dark tinted films installed to give privacy to those riding in them. These darker tints, sometimes well over 80%, made it difficult to see out and unfortunately many accidents occurred.

This being the case, by the 1980’s almost every state had developed their own laws regarding tinted films and how dark was too dark. There was a wide range of window films, from 5% to 70% or more, and different colors as well.

In time more and more advanced window films came to the marketplace, by the mid 1990’s we started seeing some pretty high tech window films. Today the most popular and effective window films are the Professionally installed home window film.ceramic based films. These window films are able to block the harmful UV rays from the sun while at the same time allowing the light from the sun to shine through the window. These ceramic based films also have the ability to reflect the heat from the sun, thus keeping your home or car cooler during the summer months.

The tinting industry has really come a long way over the years. As time goes on window film is becoming more and more high-tech. There’s even a polarized film which rather than block the light, it intensifies certain bandwidths of the visible light spectrum. It really is totally amazing what they are accomplishing with window film. They even have window film that protects your windows from graffiti and security films that keeps your windows in place in case of glass breakage.

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