Eliminate Hot Spots in Your Home

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Make your home more comfortable with window tint.

Do you find that one room in your home or office is too cold or too hot and another room is just the opposite? If you’re struggling with this problem, then you have what are called hot spots in your home. This can be caused by different things and there can be different solutions to this problem. Sometimes it can take multiple solutions to solve the problem, depending on what’s causing these hot spots.

Today let’s focus on the hot spots that are caused by direct sunlight coming into your home and making one area or room too hot while the rest of your house is either too cold because of the A/C running or pretty comfortable. What is a solution for this situation?

Home Window Tint

Having window tint installed on your home’s windows can greatly reduce these hot spots. Window tint will prevent a percentage of the heat coming from the sun, from entering through your windows and causing the problem area of your home to get too hot.

There are several different window films to choose from, depending on what you would like to accomplish. If you have a severe problem we have window tint that can block up 75% of the heat. If your problem is not so severe, we have window films that will block only about 35% of the heat. Our window tints range from totally see through all the way to being completely mirrored.

Not only will window tint help reduce hot spots but it will help you save money because your A/C won’t be running as much.

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