Eastman-Owned-21Many times people don’t want to get house window tint installed because they don’t want to lose the free heat they get from the sun in the winter. Although it’s true, you will get some free heat but here’s something to consider.

A lot of window tint has an R-Value to it, which means it has an insulating value. So in addition to keeping the heat out in the summer it will also help keep the heat in, in the winter. Also, when you look at the big picture, it typically costs more to cool a room than it does to heat it. Did you know that it usually costs three to four times as much to cool a room as it does to heat it? So when you install window tint, yes you do increase a small cost to heat it in the winter, however, you reduce a large cost to cool it in the summer. So when you compare the small extra cost to heat it and the large reduction in cost to cool it, the net benefit is more than positive. So is that “free” heat really free?

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