Emily Henderson’s Major Problem

A picture showing one window that has window tint installed and another window that doesn't have window tint installed.You may have heard the name before, Emily Henderson. We all know her great blog on design and style. She’s even Target’s home spokesperson which helps to bring accessible/stylish design to the masses. But Emily had a major problem, she bought a house in Los Angeles with a lot of West facing windows. You might think how is that a problem? Well let’s just say she was dealing with heat, heat and more heat. When heat wasn’t the issue it was fading and glare.

So what did Emily do about her problem? She contacted a Vista window film dealer to see if window film could solve her problem. Did it work? Did window tinting actually solve the issues she was facing? Well I could just give you the answer but that’s not much fun. Read her blog on “How Window Film Changed My House (and Life)” to find out the answer. She gives her very real and candid thoughts on window tint.

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