Does Window Tint Prevent My Glass From Breaking?

A shattered window.In general, no it doesn’t. That being said, both solar control window film and safety films will give you protection from glass breakage. Let me explain, when window tint is installed, your glass can still get broke, however, with the window tint on your windows it will hold the glass in place. Because of this you won’t have shards of glass flying throughout your house, hence potentially causing you and your family danger.

Solar Control Window Tint or Safety Film?

So the next question you might ask is: should I have solar control window tint or safety film applied to my windows?

This depends on what your main concern is. If your main focus is protecting your artwork, furniture, floors, etc. from fading, or you are trying to cut down on glare or heat, then I would recommend going with solar control window tint. This will give you all the aforementioned protection plus some safety as well. However, if your main focus is that of safety, then I would definitely recommend having safety film installed. Safety films usually range in thickness from 2 to 14 milliliter. I would recommend talking to a specialist so you can get the thickness that’s right for you.

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