Do You Use Sunscreen Inside?

Protect your skinYou might be saying: “Why would I use sunscreen inside”? And that’s a good question, after all, the sun doesn’t shine inside.

If that is your thought process, you might be interested in knowing that actually most people think the same way. And for good reason. We just assume if we are not actually in the sun, then we don’t need sunscreen. Right? I mean after all it is called SUNscreen. Maybe the better name for it should be UVscreen. You see what causes damage to our skin is the UVA and UVB rays that come from the sun. These UV rays make there way into our homes and cars through the windows.

So what can you do to help eliminate these UV rays? One thing that can cut down 99.9% UV rays is to have Vista or Llumar window tint installed on your home and car. Window tinting in Denver is extremely important because of our high elevation level.

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Here is an interesting video on using window tint to help cut down on UV rays.