Denver Window Cleaning Using Our Pure Water Technology

This is a pure water system that is used to clean windows in Denver Colorado

Most realize that our tap water has some chemicals in it to make it drinkable, and all water has a certain level of hardness. It is these two factors that create water deposits or a film on your windows, even after cleaning them. By using a Pure Water Cleaning System, we actually run the water through a system of three filters and a deionizer before it is used to clean your windows. The water is then pumped through a small hose and a soft bristle brush to scrub the window and frame. After the window is clean, it is rinsed again with the pure water, leaving it spotless and beautiful. Many have been trained that using chemicals is necessary to get something clean, but they have never experienced the power of pure water and it’s cleaning ability.

How Does Our Pure Water Technology Window Cleaning Benefit You?

Remember that we just mentioned how chemicals leave a film, and yes, even professional window cleaning soap? What happens, even if you cannot see the film right away, is that dust particles and air pollution are drawn to this film layer and will develop a hazy or cloudy appearance, making you feel that you already need to get your windows done again. With a Pure Water Cleaning System, since no chemicals or detergents are being used to develop this film layer, your windows stay cleaner longer. While we are mentioning the use of cleaning products, you will not have any of these products draining or leaking into your soil.

Do you get concerned about the ladders around your home or business damaging delicate plants or shrubs? With the Pure Water Cleaning System, we have eliminated the need for ladders in most cases. Not only does this cause less damage, but it is safer, faster, and less expensive for property management companies who have buildings three stories or less.

Can I Use This Pure Water Technology System On My Windows?

In most cases you can use Pure Water technology on your windows. All we need access to is a spigot to feed our system. Of course, since there is a larger flow of water, this method cannot be used on the interior, but we still use the pure water with a biodegradable solution to make the process more green for our customers.