Definitions In Understanding Residential Window Tint Better

When it comes to understanding window tint there are some definitions that needs some explanation so you can better choose the window tint that’s right for you. Below are a few of those definitions:

Total Solar Reflectance: The percent of total solar energy be reflected outward from the glass.

Total Solar Transmittance: The total solar energy that is allowed to pass through the glass.

Total Solar Absorbance: The total solar energy that is absorbed into the glass.

Visible Light Reflectance: This is the percent of total visible light to be reflected by a window that can be seen visually.

Visible Light Transmittance: The amount of total visible solar energy that is allowed to pass through the glass.

Ultraviolet Refection: The amount of UV Rays that is not allowed to pass through the glass.

Solar Heat Rejection: The percentage of solar heat energy that is reduced by the window tint.

Glare Reduction: The percentage by which visible light is reduced.

Total Solar Energy Rejected: The percentage of solar energy rejected by the window tint. The higher this value, the less solar heat energy is transmitted.

Winter Median U-Value: The measure of heat transfer that occurs through the window tint. The lower the U.Value, the better the insulation qualities of the window tint.

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