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decorative window film on glass doorsDecorative window films make it easy to create stunning, functional public and private environments. Because of this, homeowners, architects, interior designers and business owners alike, can all benefit from decorative window film. Architects and interior designers can let your imaginations go wild as you allow decorative films to complement your design skills. In addition, building owners are amazed at how easy it is to meet the changing needs to a loyal tenant.

Wherever there is glass there’s an opportunity to enhance aesthetics, energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and security. All of this is accomplished with adding either solar films or decorative films.

Decorative Window Films Add Privacy And Reduce Distractions

Frosted Mint decorative window films Denver, decorative window films Colorado SpringsWould you like to create an upscale look for your office, or perhaps reduce distractions in a conference room? Maybe you would like to conceal clutter in a storage area or a copy room. Perhaps you need more privacy in your office? Or may you just want to express yourself more by adding a pop of color to a lobby or entrance way? Because of our decorative window films we can help you with all of these situations.

Decorative Window Films and Privacy Window Films We Carry

We carry many different decorative film patterns and privacy window films. Actually we carry hundreds of them and all of these films can be broken down into just a few categories. Let’s look at each category to see which one fits your personal needs. If you would like to see pictures of the window film, please click on the name of the category below.

3M Fasara Glass Finishes Catalog – These glass finishes are elegant and come in more than 50 designs. This series of decorative films is great for controlling light and privacy while enhancing interior aesthetics. You can have the look of etched, cut, sandblasted or textured glass at a fraction of the cost.

Frosted Films Catalog – Frosted and Etched Window Films offer a broad selection of vinyl glass films. These films mimic the look of costly Frosted or Etched Glass Finishes at a fraction of the cost. And you accomplish this without any sacrifice in appearance or quality. These Frosted Glass and Etched Glass Window Films allow for a variety of transparencies and light transmissions. Because of this they provide different degrees of privacy, fitting your personal needs.

Glasslike Distortion Window Films CatalogGlasslike Distortion Window Films consist of our exclusive SimGlas® Window Films. These films establish a new tradition; Simglas® Glass Films are unlike any other glass films in existence. SimGlas® simulates the look of expensive glass effects at a fraction of the cost and with no sacrifice in quality.

Gradient Window Films Catalog SOLYX® Gradient Design Window Films are offered in a variety of styles, colors and levels of light transmission. Gradient Window Films can be customized to any width or height to fit your home or office windows. SOLYX® Gradient Design Window Films offer the perfect amount of separation for glass walls in conference or meeting rooms. This is a perfect window film for demountable office walls. This film maintains privacy without sacrificing the desired collaborative open airy feeling.

Patterned Privacy Window Film CatalogSOLYX® Patterned Privacy Window Films offer stylish ways to add privacy to your office or home windows. And we offer Patterned Window Films in a variety of styles to suit your needs. SOLYX® Patterned Privacy Window Films feature stripes and patterns and squares and dots.  So whether you want a monochromatic or architectural touch, we have you covered. Our stained glass and gradient window films are vibrant and they come in multicolored.

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