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A commercial building with window tint installed. Block heat, cut down on glare, and lower your energy costs with commercial window tinting DenverCommercial window tinting, also known as window film is needed on buildings in Denver now more than ever. Many commercial buildings have large glass windows, glass entryways, atriums and skylights. Letting in natural light really influences the building designs today. However, all these windows come at a high price.

Why do building owners love and hate all the glass in commercial buildings? They enjoy the natural light these windows let in, but they allow a lot of heat into the building as well. All this heat makes your energy costs rise. In addition, it can make your employees very uncomfortable because there are what we call hot spots in the building.

Eliminate Hot Spots with Window Tint

A building we installed commercial window tint on in Denver with a slightly green hue.What is a hot spot? A typical commercial building usually has one or two climate control units on any given floor. Because this is the case the A/C cools the floor according to where the thermostat is located. Usually it’s not placed next to a window that will get full sun, quite often it’s placed in a hallway or an interior room. So the A/C will never cool it according to the hottest spot in the building. If it did then many of your employees would freeze because they don’t sit in a hot spot. If this were the case, they would be working in a cold spot. This in turn, can cut down on the amount of work your employees do. Please, keep reading to see how commercial window film helps solve this problem.

Another problem commercial building owners run into is the UV rays. The UV rays that come in through the windows will fade your interiors. This can include carpet, rugs, hardwood floors, furniture and artwork. The natural light can also cause glare issues, making it difficult to see your computer screens. If you feel like you need to wear sunglass when you work, you need to call Precision Film and Solar Shades. Anti-fade window film and anti-glare film is an effective and simple solution to these problems.

Here at Precision Film we make every effort to try and not disrupt your work day. So, if possible, we can install the window film early in the morning  or in the evening when your employees aren’t working.

7 Great Benefits of Window Tint in Denver

As we mentioned above, big windows and lots of glass can cause some major problems. Getting your windows tinted on your commercial building can have many advantages. For example, window tint can:

  1. Improve your energy efficiency. Eliminate hot spots and create a more comfortable temperature for everyone.
  2. Extends the life of your product displays and interior furnishings. Anti-Fade window film will reduce the amount of UV rays coming through your windows. Less UV rays means you won’t have fading issues. This is essential if you have a storefront where you would like to display your products. It also helps with preserving artwork, furniture, floors and more.
  3. Tames harsh glare. Anti-Glare coating is a must if you or your employees struggle to see their computer screens at certain parts of the day.
  4. Creates a more comfortable workplace.
  5. Commercial window tinting is one of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to lower your energy bills. Our sun blocking window film helps to keep the heat and cold air out of your building. With less heat or cold air coming in through your windows, your H/V A/C won’t run as much. This makes sun control film a perfect fit for winter and summer.
  6. Enhances your building’s appearance. Adding a privacy window film to your commercial building can add to the overall aesthetics of the building. Thus making a more professional appearance.
  7. Stops as much as 78% of the sun’s heat from entering your building.

Check out even more benefits at Vista-Films Commercial Window Filming website.

The Best Commercial Window Film in Denver

Why can we say LLumar is the best commercial window tint?

An atrium we installed commercial window tint on in downtown Denver.

  1. LLumar window tint offers 99.9% UV rejection of UVA and UVB rays.
  2. It doesn’t contain any dyes or colors that could change over time.
  3. It has a CDC (clear distortion free) adhesive system. This adhesive has never  had a failure in over 25 years.
  4. It has an R-Value, which means it’s an insulating window tint.

Thousands of architects, interior designers, and building owners recommend LLumar as their commercial window tint of choice. See what commercial window tint looks like installed.
View our energy savings calculator for commercial window tint.

Give us call today so we can conduct a free energy audit on your building.

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