Case Study on Vista Home Window Film

Window tinting in Denver ColoradoFollowing is a case study done on home window film near Denver, Colorado. The type of Vista Window Tint used was the Mirage V38 SR CDF Dual-Reflective series.

Why Was Window Film Needed?

This home is a dramatic three-story home with vaulted ceilings and huge trapezoidal windows. The home is set high in the Rockies and is continually soaked in sunlight and has panoramic views in every direction. However, the homeowner couldn’t totally enjoy the breathtaking views because of the sun’s brightness and glare. The UV rays coming in through the windows also damaged the furnishings, wood floors and artwork. Also, during the summer months there was a huge issue with solar heat.

How Vista Home Window Film Helped

The recommendation by a local window film dealer was to install Vista Mirage V38. This film solves all the issues because it will block more than 99% of UV rays and will reduce glare by 57% and lowers solar heat by 56%. Vista Mirage provides excellent visibility from inside to out at all times of the day and night.

By installing Vista Window Film the problems with sun glare and heat have gone away, and at the same time preserving the breathtaking views. The best part is that no one can even tell the film is installed.

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