Can You Tint Your Skylights?

Skylights can make a room very hot and because of them being on the ceiling, drapes or curtains aren’t an option. So the next logical question is, can I install window tint on my skylights?

Tinted skylights in Evergreen ColoradoThe answer is, it depends on the type of skylights you have. If you have the “bubble” type of skylights, unfortunately you cannot apply window tint to the skylight. If your skylight is the flat type, then typically yes you can install window tint to the skylight. If you have the “tube” type of skylights, you might be able to install an exterior window tint on the skylight.

I would recommend having a window tint professional come out and look at your specific situation to know for sure. A word of caution, window tint is extremely hard to apply to a skylight so make sure the window tint professional is comfortable with the installation process before he agrees to do it.

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