Can you Install Window Film To Plastic Windows Or Plexiglass?

This is an excellent question and one I thought I would take a little time to address today.

Plexiglass and plastic windows have the potential to outgas. This is where certain gases or chemical components start to release what was absorbed by the plastic. This can directly interfere with the adhesive and may cause the film to bubble between the film itself and the plastic.

Another drawback to applying window film to plastic windows or plexiglass is that it can create a permanent bond. So if you ever need to remove the film in the future you most likely will damage the window in the process.

So, as you can see, it’s not recommended to install standard window film on plexiglass or plastic windows. However, if you have plexiglass or plastic windows and you want to install window tint on them, make sure you get a special window tint that is manufactured specifically for plastic or plexiglass windows.