My Windows Are Tinted, Can I Install Window Tint On Them?

This is an example of what tinted glass can look like.

Here’s an example of tinted glass.

This is a very good question and the answer is a little more technical than just a yes or no.

Tinted glass is an absorb-er of heat, which can in turn lead to a lot of stress within the glass. Window tint also absorbs heat, some window tints more than others. If the combined amount of heat that’s absorbed is too high, this could lead to glass breakage. This is especially the case if there are imperfections in the glass itself, for example, there’s a chip or some other type of damage to the edge of the glass.

If the tinted glass is tempered or heat strengthened, then it’s pretty unlikely installing window tint will cause glass breakage.

If you have tinted glass and would like to have window tint installed, call any certified Vista dealer and they will be able to let you know what window tints will work on your windows. With having tinted windows the selection of window tint might be less, but there will still be a window tint available that will solve your heat/glare/fading problems.

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