So I thought I would just give you a brief summary of the benefits of Vista window tint.

Before I tell you the benefits let me first of all tell you why we sell Vista window film. Vista window film is one of the top leading films on the market. Vista window tints do not contain any trichromatic dyes or pigments that would change or lose color over time. All Vista films have a CDF (clear distortion free) adhesive system. This adhesive has never had a failure in over 20 years  in use. The CDF adhesive system forms a chemical bond to the glass and will never peel or bubble. And it has excellent optical clarity. Only the finest materials are used in the manufacture of Vista films!

OK, so what are the benefits?

> Reject heat which in turn makes your house more comfortable and lowers your energy bills.

> All Vista window films offer 99.9% UVA and UVB rays, so your furnishings, fabrics and artwork can be preserved.

> Tame harsh glare

> Acts as a safety shield in the event of broken glass

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See the difference? The left window has no film and the right window does!

This picture shows two windows, one has window tint installed and the other doesn't. Home window tinting.