window tint denver coI don’t know if you have heard much about window film lately but it’s really becoming a must-have for your home or car. There are so many benefits to having window film installed, ranging from reducing the damage to your skin to keeping you and your family safe and secure. Today I thought we would focus on the four main benefits to having window film professionally installed on your home windows.

1: Provides UV Protection – Window film blocks 99% of UV rays coming in through your windows. Something to keep in mind when shopping for window film is where the UV inhibitors are placed. A good window film will have these placed in the film itself and in the adhesive. Stay clear of window films that place them only in the adhesive because the adhesive can break down more quickly than the film itself. When this happens the UV inhibitors also breaks down.

2: Reduce Heat and Glare – 1/3 of your home cooling cost can be lost through your windows that aren’t energy efficient.

3: Cost Efficient – The average price for window film to be installed around Denver is $7-10 per sq. ft. That’s pretty reasonable compared to buying new windows.

4: Keeps You Safe and Secure – Shattered windows usually sends flying shards of glass throughout your house. This can be reduced if window film is installed. There are also safety and security films that make it difficult for intruders to smash through your windows.

Here is an info-graphic if you would like to read more about each of these benefits.

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