It’s sad but we live in a world where danger is a constant. Because of this, safety is on everyone’s mind. In fact, one of the top concerns of any business or building owner, school administrator or building manager is safety. The most unsafe spots in a building is through glass doors or windows because these are easy entry points. That being the case, today I wanted to talk about security window film. This is a security measure that is often not thought about.

Benefits of Security Window Film

There are different layers of protection that security window film offers. For example, it will cut down on injury by holding pieces of glass together. Security films also offer protection against acts of terrorism or vandalism and against unwanted intruders. Another area it helps with is bad weather. In Colorado, think major hail storms and the damage caused from hail breaking and shattering windows or doors.

Other benefits of security film is it offers 24/7 protection and is almost impossible to detect. Because it’s difficult to break the window or glass door, it helps to delay potential intruders. Which in turn offers more time to get to safety and for the police to arrive. Security film requires the installation of a window attachment system. This will give you the best possible benefits.

Are you looking to gain security but would also like some solar control benefits? We can accomplish that with solar security films. Solar security films offer all the benefits mentioned above and much more! They can reduce the amount of heat coming into the building, making your building more comfortable and reduces glare.

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